Christa Mills, missionary to Guatemala since 1993 along with her husband Jeff, has gone to be with the Lord.
Richard and Vivienne are based in the UK. They offer resources in Christian Mindfulness, Christian Contemplation, and Christian CBT.
Iain and Liz McKenzie have since 2004 been missionaries to Honduras. They are now in transition, back in Inverness in Scotland, in a new phase of ministry as visiting missionaries.
Originally from England, Jeff Mills and his wife Christa have been missionaries in Guatemala since 1993.
Having been sent out from Chippenham, Mark, Ruth, Elijah and Noah Provis are missionaries in the south of France.
Having been Globe missionaries since 2004, George and Mary are based in the UK, and reach out from there internationally, mainly over the internet.
Although not Globe UK missionaries, various others receive support from the UK through the Globe Network.
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