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Iain and Liz McKenzie


Iain and Liz


Central America

Iain, Liz and Samuel McKenzie are sent out from the King's Fellowship in Inverness in the Highlands of Scotland, and have been missionaries in Honduras since 2004.  They live in the small very rural village of Balfate on the North Coast of Honduras.  Iain and Liz have two children: Samuel, who is with them, and Simon, who lives in Scotland with his wife Jackie and their children Katelyn and Dylan.

Iain and Liz work in partnership with the Cornerstone Foundation, which has built and developed a charitable hospital, Hospital Loma de Luz.  As part of the call, Iain and Liz had a vision for a new purpose-built Children's Centre.  This has become a reality.  Construction began in partnership with Cornerstone Foundation in October 2006, and the new Centre was completed in June 2008.  With this Centre, they are able to:
  • Look after children who need ongoing medical care at the Hospital but do not need to be in-patients, and also children whose parents need to be hospitalised.
  • Offer places to children from even more remote areas in the mountains and islands where there are no schools.  The children live with them while they access education.
  • Respond to other family needs and family breakdowns, offering places of safety, and always seeking to work towards family reconciliation.
The Centre can house 24 children, and runs pretty close to capacity most of the time.  The McKenzies feel blessed and privileged to have been called by God to do this work.
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