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What is GLOBE UK's relationship with the local church?

GLOBE UK is primarily a facilitator in mission, partnering with local churches in their missionary outreach, and jointly sending out missionaries.  GLOBE UK expects church leaders to maintain strong pastoral ties with their missionaries.  Pastors of the sending churches are encouraged to give regular input to the missionaries they support.

Without the involvement of local churches, GLOBE UK would not exist.  Local churches provide the support base for GLOBE UK missionaries.  Every new GLOBE UK missionary applicant must be a member-in-good-standing of a local church.

In terms of oversight and authority, GLOBE UK oversees many of the business aspects of missions, while the local church assists in giving pastoral care to missionaries.  In practice, missionaries often request input from both pastors and GLOBE UK directors.  Major decisions are usually made in consultation with the missionary and church leadership.  As a rule, GLOBE UK does not make decisions without consulting with appropriate church leaders.

Relationally, churches are encouraged to maintain strong ties with the missionaries they support.  Through letters, phone calls, and e-mail messages, relationships can be nurtured across the miles.  Pastoral counsel, ministry to the family, support for special events, assistance with furloughs, visits to the field, involvement with projects on the field, and dialogue with GLOBE UK directors about special needs are all encouraged.

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