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Are You Called To Missions?

Are you praying about a call to missions?  If you are praying about serving God in this way, you have probably been thinking about missions for a long time.  You may already have made a few short-term missions trips, and you may well have been reading missions books, or even taking missions courses.  Perhaps too, you have been serving in your local church missions department.  Or it may be that possibility of the call is at present more vague, or more recent, and you're not yet quite sure what to do about it.

There are vacancies for those who are indeed called!  GLOBE UK has many opportunities where you can serve alongside our existing missionaries and in our existing missions projects.  Or, if you are suitably prepared, GLOBE UK can help send you to pioneer a new work in a new country.

But whether you're sure or just wondering, here are some helpful steps you can take in the meantime:

First, get active in your local church.  Volunteer in your church’s home and missions programmes and become a servant.  Gain as much volunteer ministry experience as you can.  There is no better proving ground than your home church.  Develop good team and people skills.    Ministry is all about people, so learn to work with them, even the difficult ones.  Learn to work under authority and alongside others.  Develop problem-solving skills, and learn about interpersonal conflict resolution where necessary.  Also, be sure you maintain a solid habit of giving.  Tithes and offerings are a crucial part of your learning to live by faith as a missionary, so if you aren’t tithing and giving now, you will not be able to live by faith on the field.  Don’t cheat on tithing or giving!

Secondly, if you haven’t made a short-term missions trip, plan to make one soon.  In fact, you could make several, perhaps to different parts of the world.  There is no substitute for some initial exposure to the mission field, seeing different situations and different cultures close up.

Thirdly, lay a foundation.  If you have not done any formal study, take some Bible and missions courses.  If you think you may be spending a lifetime in missions, get started now through disciplined study of the Bible and missions, cross-cultural ministry, missions history, and missionary methods and strategy.  It may be that GLOBE UK can help with recommendations here.

Finally, when you are ready, give us a call.  We'll be delighted to hear from you, we'll ask you a few questions, and take it from there.  Please note that involvement with GLOBE UK will require you to participate alongside others in one of our two-week Candidate Schools.  These are held periodically, and advertised on the Homepage of the website.  So bookmark the site, and keep praying!
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